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The class descriptions listed here are offered at different times throughout the week. Check the Group X Classes schedule here for time and day of classes. Classes are for all Fitness levels! Please note that there are some classes requires you to sign up prior to class (you may cancel before 1 pm on day of class). Reserve your SPIN bike for the entire week by calling on Friday evenings from 5:00-5:30pm!

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January 5, 2015!

Cardio-Strength Classes
Strength and Flexibility Classes

Please note there is an additional fee for non-members and 1-3 months members for the Booty Barre® class!

A sexy, energetic, fun workout that fuses fitness techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. And get this… you don’t even need any dance experience and you certainly don’t need a partner! A perfect combination of strength and flexibility with added cardio to burn fat fast. (additional information on fees can be found here)

Flex + Flow

Combines challenging Barre+Band moves that strengthen and lengthen your entire body.  Sculpting moves with bands while given plenty of time to recover with stretching for long lean muscles! (extra fees)

Cardio-Strength Classes
20 minutes cardio to improve cardio vascular capacity - 20 minutes of strength training to improve muscle tone - 20 minutes of stretching to keep muscles long and limber! You will be Body Complete by the end of class!
SPIN & Abs†
Outstanding 30 minutes of cardio focused just on pure spin to sweat it all out! Finish off with 30 minutes of an awesome ab workout! Cycling shoes optional.
Music Make Over SPIN†
Spin and groove to the hottest music in this cardio based format. Hip Hop, Pop and Rock and Roll combine video music in movement! What a way to burn calories.
Start pedaling and let go as your instructor takes you on a ride of your life. Perfect for any fitness level! Burn hundreds of calories while keeping your muscles in shape. Join the adventure today!
Pure SPIN†
The name pretty much explains itself, full of power! Challenge your endurance, strength, and speed every week! Heart rate monitors lookout! This ride will challenge even the fittest!
Zumba is a Latin inspired, dance fitness that incorporates Latin and International music and dance movements. It is a fun, fat burning cardio workout that is easy to follow. Come Zumba with us today!
This class incorporates basic Zumba step of a low to medium intensity. Come dance and have some fun!
Zumba® (STEP)

Are you ready to step up your ZUMBA® Fitness workout? Zumba® Step combines the awesome toning  and strengthening power of step aerobics.  Party on the Step!
Zumba® Toning

This is a Latin inspired dance toning program. This combination of cardio dynamic resistive exercises uses light weight training to provide the participant with re-defining total body workout!

Strength and Flexibility Classes
Bootybarre® Flex+Flow
Combines challenging Barre moves that strengthen and lengthen your entire body.  Sculpting moves with bands while given plenty of time to recover with stretching for long lean muscles! (extra fees)
Boot Camp Crazy
Are you ready for an adventure? Try Bootcamp Crazy, where you will work all the muscles in your body with fun, adventurous exercises! Indoors or outdoors, you will sure get a great workout, burning fat and calories!
C.S.I. (Cardio Strength Interval) Calorie burning, muscle conditioning routines that give exactly what you seek. Time efficient, heart pumping and total body workout that is easy to follow, yet challenging. Cardio moves and strength exercises in intervals resulting in weight loss and a lean body.
This is an ultimate core strengthening full body workout. Tone your body using balls, bands, and BOSU’s to strengthen low to deep AB tissue. A must for everyone!
These muscle sculpting kickboxing exercises works your arms, shoulders, abs, thighs, and glutes in one workout!   Challenging fun and delivers results!
Party Sculpt
Burn up the fitness floor and calories while toning your muscles with this non-stop sculpting party! Combination of free weights, bands and bars to body pumping music.
Personal Group TRX®
TRX® group training at a personalize level! Extra fee require for this class.
Personal Training 101
Experience new comprehensive training tools that can significantly improve body composition and strength. Tackle this total body workout! Just do it!
Flow through a series of dynamic movements, emphasizing core muscles while challenging your balance, stability and core.  Streamline your body without stressing your joints.  Hand weights, bands, and fitness circles are used for this awesome workout.
TRX® Suspension Basics
This workout will layout your TRX foundation and help build total body power and strength.
TRX® Suspension Circuit Fusion
Combine functional strength and stability qualities of TRX suspension training fused with cardiovascular training and stretching. Unforgettable workout!
YOGA Sculpt
YOGA Sculpt incorporates the best of both worlds – utilizing the movements with YOGA as well as adding resistance training with hand weights.  YOGA is a great strength and flexibility workout – express ticket to sleek defined muscles and increased stamina!
Empower your mind, challenge your body, and improve your circulation.  Develop balance, strength and flexibility
Please note spin classes requires you to sign up prior to class -
sign up will begin on Fridays at 5-5:30 PM
(you may cancel before 1 pm on day of class)

Fitness Center Etiquette:

* Be on time. Instructors reserve the right to refuse entry to latecomers
* Classes are a group activity: Please follow instructors!
* Please do not enter the fitness room while class is in session.
* Proper attire must be worn.
* Water bottles and towels are recommended.
* Please return all equipments to its proper storage area.

All Classes are 55 minutes long except spinning - is 45 minutes - unless noted.
Please note: scheduled instructors may change without notice




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